CNC Center& ZPT070 Series Router Spur Gear Reducer Straight Planetary Gearbox For Stepper Motor Servo High Speed ​​High Torque Long Life

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CNC Center& ZPT070 Series Router Spur Gear Reducer Straight Planetary Gearbox For Stepper Motor Servo High Speed ​​High Torque Long Life
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Technische Daten
Warranty: 12 months
Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, CNC Machine, Plasma Machine, Automation Machine, Logistics System, Packaging Machine, Factory Automation
Customized support: OEM, ODM
Gearing Arrangement: Planetary
Output Torque: Rated 35 N.m
Input Speed: Rated 3000 RPM, Max. 4000 RPM
Output Speed: Max.2000 RPM
Advantages: High Torque Precision,Low Nose, Extra Long Lifetime,Cost Effectiveness
Matching Motors: All Brands of Target Servo &Stepper Motors
Efficiency: 1-stage 97%, 2-stage 95%
Max. Torque: 2 Times of the Rated
Noise Level: <60dB
Average Lifetime: 20000 hours
IP Grade: IP65
Shaft Adapter: Available
Contact Us for: Reduction ratios, shaft adapter details, customization etc.
Applications: CNC Center& Router,Electronics,New Energy,Textile,Packaging,Medical
Zertifizierung: Reach, Rohs
Zertifizierung: Reach, Rohs
Zahlung und Versand AGB
Packaging Details: Well packed in cartons or pallets, which support all shipment methods, such as express delivery, airway, sea and train shipments.
Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Store Promotion

Contact Us for,

1. Detailed customization requirements.
2. Better prices for orders with volume.
3. Special requirment for leadtime and delivery.
Target Applications
Widely Used in Automation Industry
A. CNC Centre and CNC Routers, including CUTTING, ENGRAVING, MILLING, MARKING, WELDING, SOLDERING etc processing methods and
cutting tool like Laser, Plasma, Machine Tool etc.
B. Medical and healthcare equipment, such as CT Scanner, X-ray Scanner, Operation Robotics, Diagnose and Analysis, etc.
C. Equipment, such as Electronics manufacturing, Aerospace, Military Industry, Automotive Manufacturing, Logistics System, Textile, Printing, Food Industry, Packaging, etc.
Product Highlights

Match with All Motors

Customization of installation flange.
Input shaft adapter available.
Matching all brands of Servo motors (Panasonic,Mitsubishi, Sanyodenki, Delta, etc. ) and stepper motors.

High Performance

High Reliability,
High Efficiency,
Long Lifetime (average 20000 hours),
High Torque,
Low Noise,
High Speed Range,
High Precision.

100% Replacement

Replace other brands of planetary reducers easily and sold hundreds of thousands in high-end automation market.

Customer Values

Low Total Cost of Ownership

High performance, extra long lifetime and free of maintenance helps to save TCO.

Shorter Time to Market

Mature products & techniques,
easy to use,
quick customization helps to reduce machine development time.

Enhanced Machine Specialties and Customer Loyalty

Flexible customization provides the most proper products for your application.
Contact us for your requirement.
Series Overview
Product Specifications

Key Performance Parameters

Please contact us if u want to know more or need the complete catalog.

Mechanical Dimensions for 1 stage(L1), 2 stage(L2), 3 stage(L3).

Please refer to the figure above for reductions ratios of each stage.
Motor Integration side can be customized if needed.
Product Packaging

Single Piece

5-layers smaller Carton Box, which is strong enough for all types of shipment.


More than 1 and less than 20 pieces will be packed in one carton, which is also 5 layers export level and strong enough for all shipments methods.


More than 8 cartons can be packed in Eco-friendly pallets, which is especially suitable for train and sea shipments.
Company Profile
Your Reliable Motion Control Partner
Future Oriented Development Strategy,
Focused on middle & High-end Industrial Automation Segments,
Rich Industrial Automation Experiences,
Cutting-edge & Customer Oriented Products
High Performance & Reliability.

More than 15 Years Experiences,
Wide International R&D Cooperation,
Flexible & Fast Customization,
Continuous Technology Evolution

Quality Control:
Strict Quality Control System, 100% Functional Test, 100% 48 Hours Aging Tests, Rich Certificates, ISO9001, CE, ROHS, REACH etc.

1. How can it be compatible with all brands of servo and stepper Motors?

We can do motor mounting side customization and shaft adapter customization, which enables our planetary reducer compatible with all
brands of servo and stepper motors.

2. Are your reducers real planetary?

Also we have patents of the reducers, special design and metal processing methods, which enable them working with less noise and longer lifetime.

3. If we need higher volume, is better prices available?

Please contact our customer service any time and we are ready to help!

4. How about warranty?

We have 12 months warranty for most products and for special region such as EU we have 18 months warranty.
For large volume order, we offer free back up reducers.

5. What shipment methods supported?

All methods are supported, such as express delivery, air shipment, china-Europe train shipment, sea shipment, etc.

6. What if the shipping cost higher than expected?

Please contact us for freight fee optimization, and we will offer reliable and reasonable shipment.

7. Is your company and trader or producer?

We are producer and our HQ is in Dongguan and have 5 affiliated companies for different products production.
Welcome to visit our company!

8. What certificate does your company and Products have?

We have ISO9001, CE, ROHS, REACH etc.
We also can do certificates as per customer requirement.

9. Others

Contact us anytime and we are ready help!
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